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Thanks to FANTASTIC people like you, our kids get to play ball.  Here are a few things you need to know to have a successful season as a coach:

Coaching Day Checklists


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Forest Hill T-Ball provides a Coach’s Clinic before the start of the T-Ball season where coaches can receive pointers on effective coaching. Please see the Schedule of Events for time, date and location of the Coach’s Clinic.


Tips & Drills


Welcome to Blastball! Many new coaches are nervous or feel they need experience to Coach. The game of Blastball is simply an introduction to teach fundamentals to our youngsters. The game is about learning how to hold a bat, throwing and catching a ball. Teams usually consist of 5-6 players.

Pre-game practice is the time where our youngsters can get additional experience in their game. Take this opportunity to show your players how to hold and swing the bat. Also, if the other players are not hitting have them try throwing and catching the ball with one another. This gives you an opportunity to teach them which hand their gloves go on, how to catch and how to throw.

Although some kids are “naturals” kids learn through repetition. Encourage kids as much as possible as they respond to praise.

Some children have short attention spans so we encourage team cheers and quick play.



Thank you for volunteering your time to the sport. As the children learn to develop the skills of baseball they look up to us as leaders, mentors and coaches. Coaching does not have to be difficult, it is a very rewarding task where you will see direct results in what you teach your team.

Pre-game practicing is an important part of the children’s personal development as well as development for the team. Most games last three innings and sometimes four. Therefore, children are only up to bat three or four times a game. Take the time prior to the game and have the kids hit a set of 5-10 balls up against the back stop to develop their swing technique.

Batting techniques should also be taught to the children as well. Teach the children to keep their hands together while holding the bat. When their hands are together have them point their index fingers so that they are both pointing in the same direction. Remember, when swinging have them keep their hand up and not have their bat resting on their shoulder. A clean level follow through should also occur. Make sure your children are taught not to throw the bat as this can become a hazard to the coach or other players. As the player grows and develops these skills, they can be taught where to hit the ball simply by the stance of their body. Make sure the player stands square to the tee.

Another practice to help children catch is the ready stance drill. This drill keeps the children focused on the game and allows them to move quickly when the ball is in play.

For catching, always have them get in front of the ball for grounders (glove to the ground), open glove at the chest for direct throws or batted catches. During game play coaches can call out where the ball is being played, this way all the players can be asked where the ball needs to go to get the opposing team out. Have the players point out where the next play is going so there is less confusion.

Typically hits in the junior and intermediate tee ball games will be grounders so it is important to teach the kids to get in front of the ball with their gloves down. This will allow the ball to roll into their gloves and followed by the “gator grab”.

Throwing techniques can also be taught by the point and throw method. Opposite throwing hand is to be pointed to where they want the ball to go and then the children can step into their throw while following through their pass ending with their throwing hand pointing at their target.

For the players over hand throws can be scary to receive, teach under hand throws when players are in close proximity.

Teach the kids what base is what (ie 1st, 2nd, 3rd and home). A little practice before the game to get the players warmed up would be to have them run the base once before the game. As they round the bases have them call out the bases so they are familiar.

Teaching these skills to the players should vastly improve their abilities while gaining confidence and teamwork.

Please remember, this is just a game and we are all here to have fun. 

Additional Coaching Resources

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Get ready to have some fun!

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